Athletic Centre Rules


1. Could all younger age group mangers (6,7,8,9) please send an adult with the athletes to the marshaling area, this must be done with the athletes walking AROUND the outside of the track! athletes can not run up through the grassed in-field or through the long jump pits, and when marshaling for the 200mtrs they must go to the top gate and not through the high jump area.
2.Please explain to our little ones and all new athletes, that once they come through the finish gates they need to pick up a block and stay in their lanes until asked to move off and then move off the track staying in their order until they have given their number and name to the finish marshal.
3. For the longer distance, athletes need to remember to grab their number off the marshal as they come across the line, in close races when someone forgets, the marshal may miss who comes across next when trying to give the athlete their number.
4. Please supervise younger children, there is a lot of our athletes that are trying to make state qualifiers and state teams, having kids run across the track or around the infield is very distracting, a bigger athlete going full speed has no way of suddenly stopping and if a little person runs out in front of them it is not going to be very nice.
We totally understand that this might seem as we are are the fun police! but we have seen these things happen before and we as a committee have a responsibility to keep everyone safe and for our athletes compete in a fair environment
Cheers The committee

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