Field Rules


1. Parents if you choose to go out to site, there is plenty of ways to help while you are out there, you can help the marshals by placing and keeping the athletes in order, this saves A LOT of time when the next athlete is up and ready to go
2. PLEASE PLEASE don’t let the athletes swing on the metal shade covers, as the weather heats up, these are a vital part of keeping the athletes in the shade and if they are bent and broken they become no use.
3. If you take younger children/prams out to site they must at all times be kept behind the throws, not to the side, as we all know a discus can become a lethal weapon and can easily come out of a hand at full force in completely the wrong direction!
4. When going to and from a site, try to move all together and teach our athletes about checking the track is clear to come across, it is easier to all move across at the end of one race then come across in bits and pieces.
Just remember WE ARE ALL VOLUNTEERS and trying to make the mornings as fun and safe as possible :)

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